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We study advanced technology. GIS, Surveying, Photogrammatry, GPS/GNSS

GIS, Geo-Spatial Information System, is fascinating. It will help prevent disaster, manage the risk. Logistics can reduce delivery cost using GIS. Geo-Informatics lab is frontier of GIS.


Surveying is essential to mapping. Building area for tax, road lining and bridge height for construction. Geo-Informatics Lab lead survey research.


Geo-Informatics lab research photogrammetry, inteligence CCTV. We can use it for displacement monitoring system, pattern recognition include measurement.


GPS, Global Positioning System, & GNSS, Global Navigation Satellite System, will let you know where you are. Now, Geo-Informatics lab, develope smartphone GPS application which is more cheaper than surveying GPS, accurate than mobile GPS


Geo-Informatics lab give students a chance to enhance their own capabilities
Better Support for Better Academic Achievement

Geo-Informatics Lab support students for concentrating on study

The lab give students academic fee and living fee. Thus, students in Geo-Informatics Lab don't need to worry about money.

Military Service is important in korea especially male student. However, Geo-Informatics Lab student can alter the service through the doctors degree course.

Graduating Geo-Informatics lab is another career. Students can start their job as public officer, empolyee or professor in university

Geo-Informatics Lab give students a big chance.

  • Scholarship

    Geo-Informatics Lab support your
    semester fee & extra living fee

  • Alternative Survice

    Students in Geo-Informatics Lab
    can alter the military service

  • employment

    Company, Government, University
    need Geo-Informatics Lab graduated students

  • Other Support

    Geo-Informatics lab give a chance to learn foreign language,
    computer language and other self-impovement

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Professors & Doctors

Our tutor is best ever. Study with specialist of each area.
Yun Hong Sik
– Doctor of Engineering, Hungary Technical University of Budapest(TUB)
– Geo-Informatics
-Korean Society of Surveying, Geodesy, Photogrammetry, and Cartopraphy Director
-Korean Society of Civil Engineers Editor
-FIG National delegate
Cho Jae Myoung
Research Professor
– Doctors of Engineering
– Geo-Informatics 연구실 교수님 및 박사님 소개 페이지 입니다.
Hwang Jin Sang
Research Professor
– Doctors of Engineering
– Geo-Informatics 연구실 교수님 및 박사님 소개 페이지 입니다.
Jung Tae Jun
Research Professor
– Doctors of Engineering
– Geo-Informatics 연구실 교수님 및 박사님 소개 페이지 입니다.


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